Canopy Frame 3 x 4,5

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This sturdy 3 x 4,5 Canopy frame exists in three different versions: Steel, Aluminium and Aluminium Pro.


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Whether you choose a Steel, Aluminium or Aluminium Pro frame, all frames offer excellent stability and functionality and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The advantages of our Canopy Frames:


If you’re looking for a foldable Canopy tent for occasional use, then the steel or regular aluminium frame is the best choice for you. While a steel frame is cheaper, an aluminium frame has the advantage of being light and strong, which is very useful if you need to set up and transport your folding tent on a regular basis. Are you a professional looking for a professional Canopy tent for intensive use? In that case, the octagonal aluminium Pro frame is the frame of choice. All frames are also treated against rust and thus guarantee years of service.

PROFILE DIMENSIONS 32 x 32 mm 40 x 40 mm 50 x 50 mm
PEAK HEIGHT 331 cm 331 cm 342 cm
PASSAGE HEIGHT 170 cm, 178 cm, 186 cm, 194 cm, 202 cm 170 cm, 178 cm, 186 cm, 194 cm, 202 cm 178 cm, 186 cm, 194 cm 202 cm, 210 cm
FOLDED 23 x 31 x 160 cm 25 x 33 x 160 cm 33 x 44 x 168 cm
WEIGHT 32 kg 26 kg  36 kg
FOOTPLATES Hard plastic Hard plastic Aluminium

Would you like to compare dimensions and weights of all Canopy frames? Please have a look at our Canopy comparison table.

Combination with Tops and Side Panels

All 3 x 4,5 Canopy Tops, regardless of the material from which they are made, can be combined with any 3 x 4,5 Canopy frame. All 4,5m Canopy Side Panels are suited for use on a Canopy Tent with 3 x 4,5 frame. When used in combination with a Side Panel, the optimal level has a passage height of 186 cm.

Tent Accessories

Thanks to our wide range of tent accessories you can adjust your folding tent completely to your needs. Would you like to reinforce your tent frame? Tent accessories, such as pegs, ropes, base blocks, … are separately available in our webshop.

Tent Spare Parts

Is one of the parts of your Canopy frame broken? No problem! All the components of your Canopy folding tent are replaceable and separately available in our webshop. Don’t know the reference number or name of the defective spare part? Find the reference numbers of the spare parts of your Canopy 3 x 4,5m frame.

Tent setup and storage

The advantage of the Canopy folding tents is that they’re easy to set up and at the same time they can be stored very compactly and lightly. In our webshop, universal 15 kg base blocks are available. They can be used for setup on hard surfaces and can be used on every frame type. In our setup manual, you’ll find all the information you need on how to set up and store your Canopy folding tent.


When buying a Canopy tent frame, a cover is included so you can keep your folding tent frame tidy. Pegs, ropes, base blocks, … are not included with your frame but are available separately in our wide range of tent accessories.

Do you need advice to choose the right tent frame? Our team is happy to help you. Contact us for more information.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 33 × 44 × 168 cm

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