Frame Canopy Alu 3 x 6m

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Strong and light aluminum frame with 32 x 32mm square tubes, treated against corrosion.

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This high quality aluminium frame consists of square tubes of 32 x 32mm that are anodised against corrosion. The frame can withstand winds up to 75 km/h (7 to 8 Beaufort). An aluminium frame offers a weight advantage of +/- 25% compared to a steel frame with the same dimensions.


The pedestals of the frame are equipped with base plates for easy fixing to the ground. Pickets and storm cables are included to strengthen the frame when pitching the tent on grass. Optional 15 kg cast iron blocks ensure good stability on hard surfaces.


The three central masts of the frame rise automatically when opened. Thanks to the robust plastic hinges, the frame opens and closes smoothly. Unlocking the frame and adjusting the height of the tent legs is easily accomplished using the provided pulling rings. The unfolded frame guarantees perfect tensioning of the top.


The frame can be folded very compactly so that it takes up little space and fits in most cars.

Spare parts

Is a part of your Canopy defective? No problem! All pieces are replaceable and available separately.
Find your spare part reference for a Canopy 3 x 6m aluminium frame.

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 25 × 45 × 160 cm


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