Side panel Premium / Pro 4,5m with panoramic window


Side panel with panoramic window in Oxford Polyester 250 den. Fastened to the top with a Velcro strap and to the frame with Velcro loops. Equipped with a PVC mudflap at the bottom. To be used in combination with a Premium or Pro top. Available in different colors.

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This side panel with panoramic window closes your tent on one side, protecting against wind and weather while maintaining light and visibility.


The side panel has a large panoramic window at the top of the panel, made of transparent PVC. The panoramic window provides a bright and open ambiance, while at the same time maintaining a certain level of privacy.


Canopy side panels are made of high-quality Oxford Polyester (250 den). All Canopy side panels are waterproof, UV resistant, fire retardant, mildew and rot resistant and tear resistant. An additional PVC flap at the bottom of the side panel ensures that the panel does not get dirty when utilised outside.


The side panels are available in 12 different colors (white, grey, black, ivory, red, yellow, orange, green, lime, blue, navy, burgundy) and are typically available within 1 – 3 working days.

Printing & Customization

All Canopy tops and side panels can be fully customised. Are you looking for a top or side panel in two colors, a logo print or a full print? Take a look at all the possibilities or contact us.


The side panel is easily fastened to the top of the tent with a Velcro strap, with the sides secured to the frame with Velcro loops. The provided zips make it possible to connect multiple side panels.


This side panel is intended for use in a tent from the Canopy Premium or Pro range, where the top is also equipped with a horizontal Velcro strap. You can combine this side panel with any type of side panel from these two ranges.



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