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Trendy star-shaped tent with large opening on one side, perfect as a stage covering. Easy to set up with a central aluminum pole and tent in Oxford Polyester 500 den. Available in different colors.

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The StarStage is a spacious star-shaped tent that immediately adds extra sparkle to your event. The central mast is up to 6 metres high and and forms, together with the top six graceful arches of 4.11 metres high. The tent does not have any side poles. The tent has a diameter of 17 metres. At the front, the StarStage is completely open due to a larger cut-out with a length of 14.50 metres. The StarStage is therefore the suitable tent for all your stage events such as plays, fashion shows, music performances, etc.


The top is made of Oxford Polyester (500 den) which is available in different colors. The central mast is made of high-quality aluminium. The tent comes with sturdy steel ground pickets and resists wind up to 55 km/hour. The tent is waterproof, rot-proof, UV resistant and fire retardant.

Set up and storage

The tent can be set up and taken down easily and quickly by two people. The StarStage is packed in three cardboard boxes that easily fit into most vehicles. If you take down the tent, make sure it is completely dry before storing it. Also dry the mast and store it in the provided bag. If you set up the tent regularly at the same place, it is possible to leave the pickets in the ground. In that case all you have to do is hook in the stands and slide the mast underneath.

Printing and customization

We can customize your tent with a logo on the top and/or sides. A full print is also possible! Our graphic team designs, based on your corporate identity and with your logo, the tent that perfectly suits your company. Contact us for more information and prices.



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