Canopy Pro Folding Tents For Defence

28 April 2021

A few weeks ago, the Belgian Defence Force approached Canopy with a request for a spacious, robust and customised Canopy folding tent. For this project, we recommended folding tents from our new …

Canopy Stock Deals

9 April 2021

We are making space in our warehouse! Take a look at the selection of folding tents we offer with discounts of 30% or more during our stock sale!*

Canopy Tents for COVID Response

2 March 2021

On 11 March 2020, the WHO declared the coronavirus as a pandemic since it spread rapidly and uncontrollably around the world. To this day, governments worldwide are still taking …

New: Canopy Pro Series

20 February 2021

We developed our Pro range at Canopy for professional customers with high demands. The octagonal profile aluminium frame provides superior stability …

Discover our new website

15 February 2021

Canopy has a new digital look and proudly presents its new website. After more than thirty years of producing folding tents here in Belgium, we are still at the forefront of Canopy tent design and production. Discover our wide range and many possibilities for customisation …